Founded in 2013, Craftworx Designs is a Barbadian company that designs and handcrafts a variety of wooden items made solely of Barbadian woods. The chief artisan and Managing Director is Steve Carter, an engineer by profession but now a passionate woodworker.

Craftworx Designs engages 3 guiding principles, which are –

1. We use only wood from locally grown trees.

While Barbados Mahogany is the most well-known of Barbadian woods, Craftworx Designs takes great pride in the fact that they use over 20 different types of local woods such as Ackee, Bay Leaf, Barbados Mahogany, Casuarina, Dunk, Mango, Neem, Pride of India, River Tamarind and Seaside Mahoe. Mr. Carter always looks forward to using a new wood to discover what character lies beneath the bark.

2. The majority of our products are functional.

While they do make strictly decorative items, a large part of the focus at Craftworx Designs is on making functional pieces such as writing instruments (ball-point, rollerball and fountain pens), cutting and serving boards, bowl, platters and boxes. They have also recently added lighting products to their portfolio.

3. We honour the wood

99% of their products are finished with only natural oils and waxes – no varnishes or stains are used to hide the natural beauty and grain of the wood.

These 3 principles have led to an appreciation for their products by a growing customer base and constant feedback from these customers has led Craftworx Designs to evolve their range to now include cutting boards, rum and wine bottle display boxes, jewelry boxes and tea boxes, platters and bowls, awards and plaques, kitchenware and serving ware, chandeliers and pendant lights.

The principals of the company, Steve and Joy-Ann Carter have also produced many wood art pieces, some of which have received awards at the annual National Independence Festival of Creative Arts.

Their products have drawn considerable attention in Barbados and wider afield and have been used as personal and corporate gifts to many individuals, corporate clients and dignitaries. 

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